Where Is Jubilee Insurance From?

Where Is Jubilee Insurance From?

You may be wondering, “Where is Jubilee Insurance from?” If so, then read on to discover which countries are served by Jubilee Insurance. Here are some of these countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi. But how do you know if they’re a good fit for your needs? Here are some tips to help you choose the best insurance policy for you and your family.


Jubilee Insurance is based in Kenya. Its holding company, Jubilee Insurance Holdings Limited, transacts all classes of general insurance business, including liability, property and health. The company operates through subsidiaries in Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania and Uganda. It is one of the largest providers of medical insurance in East Africa, with more than 1,900,000 members.

Jubilee Insurance is a reputable name in the Kenyan insurance industry.

The company was founded in 1937, with its headquarters in Mombasa. It has since expanded to the other countries in East Africa, including Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and Mauritius.

Currently, it is the largest insurer in the country, with over four hundred thousand clients. It also has regional branches throughout East Africa. Jubilee Insurance is a good place to start if you’re looking for affordable insurance.

As the largest insurer in East Africa, Jubilee invests in the well-being of its citizens and communities. The company invests in impactful CSR programs and funds these initiatives while partnering with leading corporate organizations on various CSR initiatives. For example, the Jubilee Children’s Fund has donated 10 Pediatric Patients’ Heart Surgery Beds and mattresses, valued at Kshs 2,800,000 each.

The company is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol JUB. It is a greenfield operation that was subject to regulatory approvals. Jubilee Insurance is from Kenya. A

signing ceremony was held today in Nairobi. Several executives of Allianz and Jubilee were present at the ceremony. Both companies’ CEOs, Oliver Bate and Sultan Ali Allana, joined together in the venture.


If you’re looking for an affordable medical insurance plan in the East African region, Jubilee Insurance is the way to go. Founded in 1937 in Kenya, Jubilee has been a prominent name in the insurance industry in the region. In 1992, the insurance group expanded its operations into Uganda, where the Jubilee Insurance Company of Tanzania Limited was born. The company has offices in Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, and Mauritius. Today, Jubilee is one of the largest medical insurers in the region and has over 26% market share in Uganda alone. Its stock is listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange.

Jubilee Holdings Limited will retain a 34% stake in the newly acquired company. Under the terms of the agreement, Allianz will acquire Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda Ltd. and its subsidiaries in Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda. The deal is subject to regulatory approval. For the moment, the deal is expected to close in the first half of 2021. In addition to Uganda, the company will also operate in Kenya, Burundi, and Mauritius.

In 2015, Jubilee Insurance received the most accolades in the annual Insurance Awards organized by the Kenya Institute of Management. The company was recognized for its efficient management processes, adherence to Organization Performance Index requirements, and innovation. Additionally, Jubilee won the Corporate Citizenship and Environment Focus Award. With these accolades, Jubilee is making its way into the top ranks of the industry. And, it will be able to continue to rise to the top!

The company’s growth in the life insurance business and long-term business is largely attributed to a greater customer focus and new product development. The company also continues to invest in the health and well-being of the citizens of the region. Jubilee has created and implemented impactful CSR programs, as well as partnering with other leading corporate organizations in various CSR projects. For example, the Jubilee Children’s Fund, which seeks to reduce the suffering of underprivileged children in the country, recently donated 10 Pediatric Patients’ Heart Surgery Beds and mattresses worth Kshs 2,800,000.


Jubilee Insurance is from Tanzania. It is the largest insurance group in East Africa. Jubilee General Insurance Company of Tanzania Ltd. was acquired by Allianz for $5 billion. The deal also includes Jubilee’s general insurance businesses in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. The new company name will be Jubilee Allianz General Insurance Company Limited. Read on to learn more.

The merger of Allianz SE and Jubilee Holdings is a great opportunity to further develop the insurance sector in Tanzania. The synergies will boost the penetration of insurance in Tanzania. The two companies will be better positioned to serve their customers with their combined strengths. Combined, they will bring the insurance industry to a higher level of growth. For the Tanzanian people, this means a lot.

The company is based in Tanzania. The company is a subsidiary of Jubilee Holdings Limited. The company has offices in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. Its operations in East Africa include eight insurance companies. Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya is the largest insurer in the country. With over 500,000 policyholders, Jubilee Insurance is a trusted name in insurance across the region.

The company was founded in Mombasa, Kenya, in 1937. Today, Jubilee is the largest composite insurer in East Africa, with offices in Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi. Its subsidiaries also have offices in Mauritius and Burundi. It offers business insurance and private insurance solutions to its customers in these countries. Jubilee’s data security measures reduced downtime by 95 percent.


The Jubilee Insurance Company of Burundi was founded in 1937. This company is part of the corporate management industry. The acquisition of the Burundi company allows Allianz to acquire a majority stake in the firm. While the deal is not final, it provides a boost to the insurance industry in the country. Jubilee Holdings will continue to hold a 19 percent stake in the company. Diamond Trust Burundi and Unik Investments Burundi will hold a 20 percent and a ten percent stake respectively.

Allianz and Jubilee have developed a strategic partnership. They will work together to expand

Jubilee’s business in five African countries, including Kenya and Burundi. The deal covers Jubilee’s short-term insurance segment in Kenya and its general insurance business in Burundi. Jubilee Holdings Limited will maintain ownership of its medical and life insurance businesses.

AKDN founded Jubilee in 1937. Today, Jubilee Holdings is one of the largest companies in East Africa, with offices in Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda. The company is the largest provider of medical insurance in East Africa, providing coverage for over 1.9 million people in the region. Jubilee is part of AKFED, which helps grow local economies by building strong financial institutions. Their mission is to improve the standard of living in the countries where they operate.

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